Beach Brain Activity

When I'm sitting on the beach, watching pelicans dive and waves crash, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin and the pleasant chatter of my family, I'm not driven to accomplish anything. If I take a novel, I read a few pages...then regret weighing down my beach bag with it. But one thing we like to do, being competitive word lovers, is a word scramble game I call Word Squeeze...pulling out every possible word from a single word's letters.

"BEACHCOMBING," for example, gives you: beach, comb, bomb, hinge, binge, bob, bib, gin, ache, aching, bin, ban, in, on, an, gone, bone, cone, ace, nice, ice, mice, cab, gab, nab, bane, cane, game, came, chin, chic, go, no, ho, hob, hog, bib, come, came, name, gnome, home, gob, homing, ham, gam, bam, moan, man, men, mob, mace...and probably many more. 

We choose a word, then everyone mashes its letters for thirty minutes. My Aunt Marion, now in her nineties, almost always wins.

Here are a few other beach words you could try:

Word Squeeze title.jpg