Shrimp Country: Recipes and Tales from the Southern Coasts (UPF)
September 2016

Southern Living Review December 2016
“Why we love it: Burgard’s compilation of all things shrimp-related does an incredible job of
depicting the multi-faceted industry that shrimp brings to the South. Featuring over 100 recipes
and shrimp-prep basics, this cook book is perfect for the seafood enthusiast.”

Local Palate Review December 2016
“An ode not only to the crustacean, but also to those who have dedicated their lives to shrimp,
from captains to the communities that support them.”

Creative Loafing Tampa Review December 2016
“Anna Marlis Burgard is a sea-and-sand kinda gal, and her cookbook, Shrimp Country: Recipes and Tales from the Southern Coast, is a super-dreamy read. In between recipes, the book’s packed with entertaining features on marine biologists, trawler captains and topics like American rice and the annual ritual of Mobile Bay, Alabama’s jubilee events in between shrimp-centric recipes, transporting readers to the strange and beautiful shrimping communities of coastal America. Burgard, who traveled 3,300 miles in September 2014 to gather food formulas and images for Shrimp Country (a photo of Tarpon Springs’ Rusty Bellies among them), begins by providing shrimp preparation basics and ends with sides to accompany the work’s mix of classic and unconventional starters, sandwiches and mains, many of which come from southern coastal restaurant and food truck chefs.”


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